Snow Piling High!

Howdy friends, Ben here filling in for Ailish while she's on vacation in Colorado. What a week of snowfall we've had! Our wonderful potting soil producer Tony Ramsey of Living Acres in New Sharon says he will be delivering our order as soon as he gets a chance to do anything besides move snow, and that's no joke! We're hoping we can have a week here with no storms, so he (and we) can get caught up. Here's Sophie and Becca clearing off caterpillar tunnels yesterday:

If that looks like a lot of snow to move for just 2 people, you're right! It's been an all-out effort with plow truck, bucket loader, and shovels of course. We have had precious little time to get other work done on the farm, but we're plugging away every chance we get! And they do look oh so nice once they're cleared out (and Tulsi says it's so much easier to walk):

But it looks like a beautiful weekend ahead! You don't have to be a duck to enjoy this weather. We hope to see you at market Friday or Saturday. -Ben