Plenty done before the rain!

Well, that was some well-earned rain! We planted garlic in dusty field conditions on faith that some moisture had to eventually fall from the sky, and it did. We planted somewhere around 15,000 cloves, and for us that fills about half an acre. Here's a pic of Sophie breaking up seed one chilly morning last week:


We do still have some nice Inchelium Red seed garlic for sale at market. It's a beautiful variety for braiding, with rich, warm (not hot) flavor. And there's plenty of smaller bulbs for eating in all seven varieties. Here's Kate with the lineup at market:


Back on the farm, we are getting our high tunnels cleaned out of summer crops and planted to late spinach, lettuce, and onions for overwintering. We're also doing some projects, which you can see below. Here's the view of my Nana's new house from the compost pad. We're turning it into a real family compound over here!


Come see us at market this weekend for flavors of fall! Delicata and acorn squashes, kale, spinach, Hakurei turnips, sage, rosemary, and mint, lots of delicious pork, duck eggs, garlic scape pesto. We won't be roasting peppers, but we went ahead and roasted all that we had left last weekend and froze them! So you can enjoy them anytime.


Ben, family, and crew