Plugging Away

Ben has been holding down the fort this week, as I have been getting through and over a massive head cold. One of our employees also got the cold, so we really have been short-handed this week. Ben has been getting some stuff done around the barn - he and Nick have been modifying the wash station so it's easier to use - and he has done all the harvest and washing and packing. Three cheers for Ben!

I haven't been completely idle, though. Our goal was to get our seed order in this week before Ben goes on his vacation next week and I go on my vacation the week after he gets back. We have been cranking away, updating our spreadsheets with this years' dates, how much we want to grow of what, and which varieties we want to grow.

It's time-consuming, and makes my eyes swim a bit, but having these spreadsheets completed and the seed order in will set us up for a much easier season than if we were making these decisions every time we planted something! It also makes it a lot easier for us to delegate seeding tasks, for example, to our employees. Really, these spreadsheets keepthe farm running smoothly.

Ben will be at market tomorrow - stop by and wish him a fun vacation! And I will be at market Saturday.

See you then!