Posts in the Ground, Bows in the Air

Ben and Nick put up the first few bows of the new high tunnel this week to test out the building process. Nick also picked up the wood we will use as a baseboard. We need to put the baseboard on before putting up any more bows because the top-heavy bows, loose, may wiggle the ground post around and skew them in the soil. Once the baseboard is attached, the ground posts will effectively be anchored to each other, and the many that are snugly held by the soil will hold the [fairly] few that are not so well anchored from moving.


We are continuing to chip away at the garlic cleaning around all the other things we have to do. We are making good progress and we expect to have seed garlic for sale at the market in early October. In the meantime, you can check out our seed garlic page for a refresher or to find out more if you are interested in planting some garlic this year!

I'm keeping it short and sweet this week, but I'll see you at market!