Ponds and Potatoes

Aside from harvesting, washing, packing, weeding, seeding, transplanting and all the other normal late-summer activities, we have also been trying to chip away at some larger infrastructure projects. I have mentioned the greenhouse project, and that is going well. This past week, however, the Bartons, who did the excavation work for the new greenhouse and high tunnel came over for another earth-moving project. 

The weather this summer showed us the limits of our irrigation pond and our irrigation system in general. Our pond was only four feet deep, and though it held quite a bit of water, it was not really sufficient for the 2-2.5 acres we need it to cover. NOW the pond is more like fourteen feet deep, with substantially more volume - see below!


Next year we hope to catch a lot more snow melt and spring runoff so that the pond will allow us to irrigate that whole field amply. 

New this week we are starting to bring leeks and some of the storage potatoes. Blue Gold (above) is the first variety we have in addition to the new potatoes we have been bringing (Red Gold and Yukon Gem). Blue Gold is an excellent all-purpose potato. Starchy enough to mash, but not so starchy that it disintegrates if you pan-fry or roast it. 

Fingerlings are not far off - I know we have quite a few fingerling fans out there. The Elba potatoes - big, gold mashing potatoes that were a big hit last year - are still growing! We will let them grow a bit longer, then let them cure in the soil for several days depending on the weather, which helps their skin set and thicken.

Enjoy the full flavors of summer and the first hints of fall. See you at market this Labor Day Weekend!