Busy. Sunny. Dry.

There's probably a clever saying about being busy that would be apt to describe this week, but I'm too tired to think of it right now! We are busy!

New this week: fresh onions! We have Ailsa Craig (Vidalia type) and Red Long of Tropea, an Italian red fresh onion. Both varieties are sweet and mild, as excellent for salads and grilling as they are for cooking. 

Alsostarting this week, we will be roasting peppers at Crystal Spring Farmers' Market on Saturday! We will only have a limited amount of peppers (and they will be mostly medium-hot peppers), but the Pepper Man will have the roaster going first thing Saturday. 

We are spending a lot of time harvesting these days, and the onion harvest signifies that we are only going to have more to harvest in the upcoming weeks. Soon we will be harvesting and curing the storage onions, new potatoes, storage potatoes, and more! 

We are also continuing to work on the greenhouse project. Today we spread mulch hay in between the future greenhouse and hoophouse to shade some grass seed from the sun - and, we hope, get it to germinate soon! We are surrounding the greenhouse and hoophouse with grass to help absorb the substantial runoff that will flow off those big plastic structures when it rains. 

Below you can see the hoophouse plot in the foreground and the greenhouse in the background (with all the individual beds in wooden frames).

Speaking of rain, there might be a thunderstorm Saturday. Everyone cross your fingers for us!

See you at market,