Harvesting and Hoeing

This week, aside from harvesting, we were able to spend some good chunks of time cleaning garlic and weeding (see below!). The photo below is of the field we lease from our neighbor down the road. Ben is using the walk behind tractor to rototill the pathways where some lambsquarter (weeds related to quinoa) got away from us, and Cassie is weeding in-row using a wheel hoe. Wheel hoes are excellent human-powered tools. They are more ergonomic than long-handled hoes and you can put a lot of force behind them, but you can also change out the different blades to accommodate baby squash or teenage carrots. 

Below you can see the same field the past Monday morning. We have been getting a lot more of this kind of weather lately, which has been great. We might even have a little broccoli for sale sometime soon! And the mushrooms are hinting at possibly producing something larger than tiny buttons. If we get some rain tonight and tomorrow, we may even have some mushrooms next week. 

This week we will continue to roast peppers and tomatillos at market. We have tomatoes, new potatoes, and eggplants galore. We highly recommend roasting any of these with salt and olive oil in a 425 oven (or grill!) until tender. 

See you at market!