Rain! At least a little bit...

Wednesday was wonderful. 

It was cloudy most of the day. We harvested in the morning. It started misting around lunchtime, rained at 1, and about 1:30 we abandoned the tomato sorting for Thursday and went to plant a couple weeks' worth of transplants in the drizzle. The soil was moist in the top two inches, but there was still some dry stuff below that, so Ben rigged up our new giant water tank on a trailer and gave the transplants some extra water this morning.

Apparently, we may get a little more moisture this weekend, so if it rains on you at the farmers' market - or the beach - or wherever - give a little cheer, because all your farmer friends will be happy.

We will be roasting peppers again this Saturday - more and more sweet peppers, now We will also be roasting tomatillos, and putting together some boxes of "salsa verde kits" - with roasted tomatillos and jalapenos. 

We still have ducks and plenty of garlic scape pesto in the freezer, but we are nearly out of pork. We have hocks, trotters, slabs of belly, and liver, for the adventurous. Otherwise, we won't have more pork until the end of October. 

It rained (it rained!), but the sunflowers would like to convey the message that they would like a little more water, please:


See you at market!