Hot and Steamy!

We are melting over here on the farm! The weathermen on the radio keep advising to stay inside in a cool place. Hah!

But some things are worth the heat and the humidity. Like really huge tomatoes! Tomatoes are coming on strong. We now have cherry tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, hybrid slicing tomatoes, and even a few paste tomatoes just starting. We will be bringing seconds tomatoes, that is, tomatoes with blemishes or scars, to market and sell them at a lower price. They're still tasty and wholesome - they're just a little ugly.

We're trying to stay with the times (have you heard of the ugly vegetable movement?) and waste less. Though really, the tomatoes that are too squishy to even come to market we don't waste - we feed them to the pigs. And if the pigs won't eat them, we compost them. Nature is pretty nifty that way. 

We are also benefiting from nature's niftiness in the field we are renting in Bowdoinham. It has top-notch soils for agriculture, which means the particle size and composition of the soil encourage good drainage but also retain moisture well. It has made a huge difference for us in this dry year. We have done what we could to get water over to Bowdoinham, but we worried that we weren't getting enough. We have been relieved to discover that the soil is able to hold onto enough moisture for most of the plants to thrive. You can see above the winter squash, on the left, and the brussels sprouts, potatoes, leeks, and onions on the right, from foreground to background. And below is a preview of what's to come: a sweet dumpling squash (like a delicata in flavor) already the size of a softball. Yum!

See you at market!