Full Swing

The time is now...for garlic harvest!

We will be harvesting our garlic tomorrow (Friday). We have approximately a quarter-acre to harvest, and we have five people on the crew tomorrow to get the job done. Today we spent a few hours in the afternoon preparing the hoophouse in which we will cure the garlic. You can see the crew laying out landscape fabric to keep the vegetation out in the photo below. We want to keep the vegetation out because that can raise the humidity in the hoophouse and encourage mold growth in the garlic.


For those of you who are growing your own garlic (and you may be aware of this if you bought seed garlic from us last year), we have instructions for how to plant, grow, harvest, cure, and store garlic on our website: http://whatleyfarm.com/seed-garlic/. Just scroll to the bottom of the page. 

Summer is really in full swing. Tomatoes are really starting to come in, and we have the first peppers - all green - both hot and sweet. For sweets we have green bell peppers and shishito (japanese frying peppers), and for hots we have anaheim/numex chili, havasu chili, hungarian hot wax, poblanos, and jalapenos. No, we can't wait to start to start roasting peppers again either, but it will probably be two weeks from this Saturday that we start. 

The greenhouse project is also going gangbusters. All the beds are laid out - see the boxes filled with soil in the photo above - and next week we should be pouring concrete to make the pathways and the pad for workspace. 

Wow. So much going on! But don't worry - we will see you at market!