Tuesday night and Wednesday were fantastic! We don't know exactly how much rain we got, but it was sorely needed and greatly appreciated. Today the soil is still moist from the rain and we are hoping to get a lot of growth in the next few days. Now, rain means the weeds will also germinate and grow, so, today after harvest, we weeded. The crew used wheel hoes, scuffle hoes, and their hands, and I was on the tractor for a while before I joined them.

Above is a view over the front of the tractor (an Allis Chalmers G). See the difference between the surface of the bed and the lighter colored pathway? That darkness represents the moisture level. And the bed to the right, which is darker still, is a bed I just cultivated with the tractor. That darkness again represents moisture level. Cultivating exposes more surface of the soil to air, so you do get some moisture loss, but it is by far made up for by the effect of exposing germinating weed seeds to the sun to dehydrate. 

This week also we moved the baby ducks to make way for a new, enormous propagation greenhouse. Above you can see the ducks in their new digs next to the high tunnels. The new greenhouse is going to be 34' by 144' and we will be able to not only produce all the seedlings we need for the farm and for market but also grow in soil in about 3/4 of it. It is really going to help us produce better seedlings and plants and we are all pretty excited. We also applied for and received a grant from the state, called Farms for the Future, which is to be used primarily for this greenhouse project. 

This week we have bunched BABY CARROTS! It's been a long wait - sorry! - the weather made it extra challenging. We are also beginning to have summer squash and zucchini and we will have more next week! 

See you at market!