Second verse, same as the first

Busy is the name of the game. This weather is great for cookouts, but we have been scrambling to make sure that the plants already in the ground get at least some water and that the plants going into the ground get enough water to survive transplant shock. It is probably a fairly familiar refrain at the point, but thank you, blog followers, for continuing to read as I continue to talk about the lack of water. 

The lack of water is constantly on our minds. We have to plan every day around how we can get water to where it needs to be and if (IF!) there is going to be any precipitation. Fortunately, in New England we have more ground water and, usually, spring melt-water than on the other side of the country. We have been able to irrigate using our pond and well water as well.

We hope you have all had enough water to get your gardens growing. We have been selling seedlings for a few weeks now, and we will have them for a few weeks more. This week we will start bringing winter squash seedlings - yes! It is that time!  Here's a little acorn squash of the Tuffy variety just waiting to get in the ground:


One this this weather is exceptionally good for, I should point out, is weeding. We have been doing a lot of that! The plants that we have weeded always look much happier afterward. Here is Clark, one of our stellar employees, tackling one of our edible flower beds next to the greenhouse:

What else will we have at market this week?Spinach, lettuce heads, lettuce mix - chard joins the offerings this week! And rosemary joins the herbs. Grilled pork chops with rosemary are pretty fantastic - we will see if we can get a recipe together, but in the meantime we encourage you to experiment!

See you at market!