Warm, Sunny Weather, We Don't Mind It

It has given us plenty of opportunity to start developing a tan, that's for sure. We have also had time to prepare beds for transplanting, transplant, and put up the deer fence! You can see Ben fixing up the solar charger below, while Cassie, in the background, winds out the fence wire. 

As some of you might rightly imagine, four thin strands of fiberglass and metal do not actually keep deer out of the vegetable fields. Actually, our neighbors saw deer basically limbo-ing their way through the fence last year, never mind trying to jump it! Therefore, this year we are setting four strands, 15" apart, on each fence. Then, we use the solar charger and battery to get the fence to a minimum of 6000 volts.

If you've worked with electric fencing, you know that this is not actually a very high charge (in fact I have been shocked at this voltage many times - it stings, but it doesn't linger), but the real key to the electric fence is psychological. As soon as we get the fence set up in the spring, we bait it (see below). Getting 6000 volts straight to the tongue is quite memorable, and with hope convinces the deer that the white string should not be crossed or even touched, no matter how much lettuce is on the other side. 

And, of course, about the DUCKLINGS...they are getting huge. They are already more than twice the size they were last week when we got them. They are also constantly on the move (it was hard to get a picture without a blurry duckling:

No recipe this week, we're afraid, but we will be back with one next week - I have a pork belly brining in the cooler as I write this!

New at market this week we will have some green garlic, rhubarb, and our first asparagus from the patch we planted three years ago! Limited quantities at the moment so show up early!

See you at market!