Enter the Summer

That is how it has felt lately! It was 85 degrees after lunch on Thursday. It is pretty rough weather on the young seedlings in the ground, and we are doing all we can to keep them happy and healthy. That often means making some choices; we have to prioritize our long season crops like tomatoes and onions over ones that we plant on a recurring basis, like kale and lettuce. And we try to do all this while bringing our best selection to market. It was a busy week!

The ducks are growing larger by the day, and the pigs too, although they are not quite as fast as the ducks. The yellow ducks in the photo are the Pekin ducks (for meat) and the brown ones are the Golden 300s (for eggs). They look a bit scruffy now as they're at the stage where they trade their baby fluff for adult feathers. Some of them are quacking already!

We will have seedlings galore this weekend, as well as greens, herbs, duck eggs and pork - try grilling some pork chops and ham steaks this Memorial Day weekend!

See you at market!