We Keep Telling Ourselves...

That Spring is right around the corner! And it is, even if it hasn't felt that way the last few days.

We have received all of our potting mix (see below) from Living Acres in New Sharon. We have five more pallets of it - this is all we can fit in the greenhouse at a time. We use the potting mix to make soil blocks for our farm seedlings and to fill pots and packs for the seedlings we sell at market.


We just had a new heater installed in the greenhouse, so we will jump into seeding next week with onions and some flowers. This week, even, Ben direct-seeded some early greens such as arugula, spicy greens, and leaf lettuce. You can see the furrows in the photo below, which are created by the seeder (photo below that). The seeder drops seeds in one long, straight line, and it also packs them down as it goes. We use this Jang Seeder for all our direct-seeded crops. 

Our recipe this week is for Kohlrabi Hash Browns. The recipe was given to us by a customer, Karen, who made the recipe for a class at the FARMS Community Kitchen. Ben and I made them last night, and we found that for extra crispiness, make the patties fairly thin. Yum!

See you at market!