February Thaw

I hope everyone has had a chance to enjoy some of this balmy weather. We have been able to uncover the spinach and, with hope, give that a nice boost for harvesting some time around the end of February. 

The weather also allowed Ben to clear some chickweed out of the greenhouse. Our dog Meli thought this was an excellent new game, as you can see below.


The barn cats have been out and about this week as well. Usually all we see of them is tracks in the snow and disappearing cat food. Below is a Where's Waldo of the barn cats. Here's a hint: there are two in the photo, one black and one white.


I have spent some time this week working on the website. I updated information about our different products and moved some menus and pages around. If you have any feedback about the changes or ideas for improvements, please let me know!

We unveiled some new signs at the Brunswick Winter Market last week. We found we were having a hard time getting the word out about our pork and our frozen roasted peppers. They are in coolers, so they don't catch your eye the way the veggies do. Here's a picture of the new display:


You can find our weekly recipe here: whatleyfarm.com/recipes!

I am going to be in Arizona until next Thursday, but I will be sending you all sunny thoughts. Ben will see you at market this weekend!