Well, it has indeed been warm enough to get some good growth on the spinach! We will be bringing over ten pounds of spinach to market tomorrow and Saturday. I ate so much spinach this morning it made my teeth squeak. 

This weeks' recipe features spinach - and it's really back to the basics - in Spinach Grilled Cheese. Also, another recipe I would like to share is Bacon-wrapped Butternut Squash. I followed the recipe exactly (unusual for me), so I'm just going to shared the link here instead of copying the recipe over onto our website. I will bring some copies to market, however. 

This week we received all the potting mix we will use to start seedlings this year. The time is almost upon us - we will most likely be starting onions and some early greens in the greenhouse the second week of March. We are not in a rush, however, because even though it has been very warm in general this winter, that doesn't mean it won't be cold this spring. We try to plan for many eventualities so we can respond to the weather as it comes.

See you at market!