Winter Whites and Grays

We don't have the blues yet, but the going is getting tougher. Freezing temperatures and snow make it a lot harder to work outside. Fortunately we have enough stuff to do inside and enough warm(ish) sunny(ish) weather to keep chipping away at outside projects.

We are still harvesting leeks, greens, and Brussels sprouts, and restocking and washing veggies for our weekly markets gives us a lot to do in the barn (which is heated to about 40F. We are also getting row covers on the plants that are in high tunnels. Even though they are already protected, the row covers add a few degrees of frost protection that can be critical in getting them through the winter (see below).


Still, we have had enough good weather to make progress on the new greenhouse even with snow on the ground (see below). We hope to receive the plastic for the end walls this week and hopefully get this thing covered by the end of next week! That would be amazing.

See you at market!