'Tis the Season

Or that's what you would believe if you just listened to all the current ads. But it is almost the holiday season and the cold season, too. We are on the tail end of our storage crop harvests. Only leeks and brussels sprouts remain in the field. We have winter greens, too, that we are just beginning to get into - spinach, baby kale, baby chard. These are all under cover to protect them from the cold (and the deer!). 

Speaking of putting things under cover - it is time for the ducks to go to their winter home. Several factors have led to a new arrangement this year: we now have a lot more ducks, and they would not fit in the old duck winter house; they need electricity, for lighting, to keep up egg production through the darker days of winter; they need water frequently, especially as it gets near freezing; and we are building a new greenhouse. That means we are able to use the old greenhouse structure as a duck house this winter (see below).


You can see that we harvested all the ginger and lemongrass that was left and removed the remaining tables and landscape fabric. We left the chickweed, however, since ducks tend to really love it. The little wooden structures are their "nesting boxes" - ducks like to lay on the ground, but they can be trained to lay in the boxes, which makes egg collection much easier.

As I mentioned before, Brussels sprouts and leeks are the only storage veggies we still have in the field, and we anticipate selling quite a bit of each over the next month. Roasted Brussels sprouts with bacon and goat cheese, potato leek soup....mmmm. Sometimes you can sneak a new dish or two to a holiday meal, and sometimes you just have to make it yourself. We have really been impressed with the pork so far, so I am looking forward to trying roasted sprouts with bacon.

Since Thanksgiving is next week, I just want to state the market schedule:
Friday 11/18 - Midcoast Winter Farmers' Market at the Topsham Fairgrounds, 11-4
Saturday 11/19 - Brunswick Winter Market at Fort Andross, 9-12:30
Tuesday 11/22 - Brunswick Farmers' Market on the Mall in Brunswick, 8-2
Wednesday 11/23 - Midcoast Winter Farmers' Market at the Topsham Fairgrounds, 9-1
            (This is special pre-Thanksgiving market so we can all enjoy the holiday better. It's great for last minute veggie needs! And Pine Tree Poultry has their turkey pick up here.)

There will be NO Midcoast Winter Farmers' Market the Friday after Thanksgiving, and we will not attend the Brunswick Winter Market on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. 

See you at market!