Not pirate bounty, but regular, real, food bounty! 

I described a couple weeks ago how we harvested squash - the total there is upwards of 4000 pounds. See the squash and sweet potatoes in their storage room below.


Last week, we finished the potatoes - around 1000 pounds - and sweet potatoes - also 1000 pounds. This week we started harvesting the root vegetables that we will store all winter - carrots, beets, radishes, turnips, cabbage, etc. All in all, we estimate that we will have harvested over 20,000 pounds of storage vegetables this year! 

Above you can see that we had to use even the market truck to harvest carrots and beets on Wednesday. We harvested and washed 3,000 pounds of veggies on Wednesday alone, using our new barrel washer. We are going to use it again tomorrow so I'll try to post a video of it in action. 

At the market we display everything tidily in little baskets, so it can be hard to make the jump from what you see at market to what we pull out of the field. It can also be hard to wrap your head around just how much food you can grow on an acre of land. We are growing about 5 acres this year, and about half of it is very good soil for farming, and the other half is reasonably good. The veggies in the very good soil are often noticeably bigger, sometimes drastically bigger, even though we have treated them the same in terms of watering, weeding, and fertilizing. 

So it's part nature and part nurture, that is, a whole lot of love and hard work. Enjoy the bounty!

See you at market!


P.S. Brussels sprouts this week!