Crunch time!

Crunch time!

It almost feels like being back in school - we are trying to get all our seed starting schedules and the seed order done, and we given ourselves some deadlines by deciding to go on vacation! I'm going away next week and Ben is going away the following week. Our eyes are going blurry from all the screen and catalog time, but it feels like we're making good progress.


We did get slowed down yesterday when the internet decided to take its own vacation. I'm writing this in the Little Dog Coffee Shop in Brunswick - thanks for the free wifi, Little Dog!

For our weekly featured vegetable, we have everyone's favorite: cabbage! No, really - give it a chance and it may impress you non-believers. If you're a cabbage skeptic, I challenge you to try the Fresh Cabbage Salad recipe I learned from a friend (you can find it over in the Recipes section, and we will bring paper copies to market). 


This has also been a good week for remembering all the food we put up in the summer. I discovered some garlic scape pesto I had frozen in quarts (!) because I was in such a rush in the summer. We have been trying to eat a little bit with every meal. It adds a lovely bright green to most dishes and it make an excellent alfredo sauce...but we still have half of it left to eat! I think we'll try making some pizza...

This week, Ben is hosting an Open Mic at the Midcoast Winter Farmers' Market this afternoon from 1-5. Our friend Jenn Legnini will be reopening the Market Cafe, serving soup and sandwiches made from our produce and other products from vendors at the market! (She was out of town earlier in the month to receive a Good Food Award!) And our new vendors Vintage Maine Kitchen and Tourmaline Hill Farm will be back with their tasty potato chips and dairy products, respectively. 


See you at market!