A Gentle Welcome to Fall

We have been enjoying the weather this week (though we wouldn't mind some rain!). The cool nights and warm days are really great for working hard outside and then getting a good night's sleep. Actually, most of the nights this week, temperatures have dropped below 50 degrees F, but not too far below 50. A lot of heat-loving summer vegetables are very sensitive to temperature - peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, ginger, etc., do not do well at temperatures below 50 F. Fortunately, we have all these crops in high tunnels (unheated hoophouses), and, as we do in the spring, we are now closing up the tunnels at night to keep the plants warmer, and opening them during the day so the plants don't bake.

Above you can see the greenhouse on the right (where we start seedlings and grow the ginger) and a high tunnel on the left. We did not even open them completely today; although it was very sunny, the air was so cool it never got above 85 inside the tunnels. You can also see in between the tunnels where, until two days ago, there were flowers. The end is near! No, not really, but I'm afraid flowers are done for us this season. 

Below is a view of the greenhouse getting closed up for the night. The sides roll down, and you can see the water stain at the height they were rolled up to all summer. You can also just see some mint seedlings on the tables inside the greenhouse. Those will get planted this fall, and we hope to get a good stand of spearmint and peppermint going for next year.

A reminder, for those who have seen our signs at market, and an announcement for those who haven't: we will be selling seed garlic at all our markets starting tomorrow, and until we run out! We have six varieties: Music, Georgian Fire, German Extra Hardy, Phillips, Russian Red, and Inchelium Red


See you at market!