All the garlic is in! That is our big news this week. We have somewhere in the neighborhood of 7,000 bulbs hanging in our franken-tunnel. Most of it looks like a pretty decent size, and we are having samples sent off to be tested for garlic bloat nematode - pernicious pest of garlic that is easy to spread if you don't know whether your seed garlic has been tested. Having the garlic tested allows us to sell seed garlic with confidence.

We know some of you bought seed garlic from us last year - we've had pretty positive feedback so far, and we're excited to offer seed garlic again this year. That will be ready to sell (and plant) around October! We'll have more information about the seed garlic when it's closer to ready.

Ben has been exercising the Allis Chalmers G that his dad, Nick, converted from gas to electric this winter. Nick, who is our mechanical guru, also put hydraulics on the rear toolbar, so it is now MUCH easier to use. The G is one of our best tools for cultivating (weeding) pathways and in between plants when the plants are small. We'll see if we can get a video up here sometime soon. 

To end, here's a preview of things to come. If you don't know what you're looking at, look at the place where the leaves join the main stem - baby brussels sprouts!

See you at market!