Dog Days of Summer

In which we all work like dogs? I've always been confused by the phrase "dog days of summer." These are the days when we have vegetables aplenty - the summer veggies are in full swing (just waiting on the peppers to ripen!) - and the fall stuff is starting to come in (garlic is curing; we harvested our first leeks today!).

We have been able to hire a couple new folks to help us keep up with the veggies, and thanks to Errol, Sophie, and Willie, (and Erin, Kevin, and Tucker, who've been with us since spring), we have really been feeling like we have been getting ahead this week. We actually had time for weeding!

We still have plenty of weeding and harvesting left to keep us busy, never fear! We keep things fun by listening to the radio while we work and by making fun discoveries - a found a bird's nest in one of our tomato hoophouses while harvesting on Wednesday.


See you at market!