Full Steam Ahead

People always talk about a "spring rush" - and it's true that it often feels that way, but we seem to be entering a "summer rush." The vegetables are very productive - like the broccoli below - and they are coming in fast (we will have some green peppers at the Brunswick Farmers' Market on Friday)! We are now harvesting for a good part of Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday every week. That time will go up as well, once we really get into tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants.


Of course, there are still many other things to squeeze in around all the harvesting - weeding by hand and with the tractor, fertilizing, transplanting, and seeding in the greenhouse. And I can't forget going to markets! 

I'll leave you with a teaser photo - this is a Brandywine tomato that still needs a couple weeks to ripen, but when it does - it is going to be amazing! For scale, that is my hand underneath the tomato, supporting it while I took the picture.


See you at market!