Summer Swelter... not just a tasty summer beer. 

It's what we've been living in all this week. It hasn't been too hot for the plants, and some of them definitely appreciate the humidity, but for us it has been like working in a sweat lodge. 

Wednesday was a great day for transplanting - foggy and cloudy in the morning until early afternoon. We got a lot of plants in the ground - new rounds of kale, lettuce, chard, and scallions, as well as all our fall rutabagas. Above I've put a panoramic view of the transplanting in action. 

Carrots and purple daikon join the market offerings this week. We also have tons of edible flowers - try calendula petals scattered on your salad, or put a few sprigs worth of lavender buds in your next batch of muffins! See photos of the lavender and calendula below.

See you at market!