Balancing Acts

Apologies for the hiatus - we had a little sickness going around that slowed things down two weeks ago, and last week we were still getting back on our feet!

The grey weather may be frustrating if you're trying to get a headstart on summer recreation, but we are absolutely loving it - and so are the plants! After weeks of drought conditions in May, the level of our irrigation pond had dropped about a foot, but now it's back up to normal. Everything is looking much happier now that we've been getting more frequent rainfall. 

As a preview for next week - we will be starting to pick some summer squash and zucchini! We may not have them until next Friday or Saturday (depends on the weather!), but they seem to be growing well.

This week we have garlic scapes! Garlic scapes are the flower stalk of the garlic plant. They are delicious tossed in olive oil and grilled (you might need tinfoil to keep them from falling through), diced and sauteed in butter, or pulverized with olive oil, parmesan cheese, and walnuts (or other nuts) in a pesto.

See you at market!