Summer is here!

And it has been ushered in by a great big rainstorm! Enough rain to make us a little nervous and hope that nothing got washed away. Everything seems to be fine, however, and we are hoping for a good bit of growth to come out of the rain and warmish temperatures. 


So far, it seems as though the growth has been going on well. We have three different plantings of lettuce all getting to be the same size, so be ready to try some beautiful heads of red and green oak leaf, red and green butterhead, red and green leaf, and green romaine lettuces at market. We like to do grilled romaine ceasar salad: cut a large head of romaine in half, brush the cut sides with olive oil and sprinkle with salt; place on a hot grill until the cut sides are just charred; place each half on a plate, drizzle over ceasar dressing, croutons, anchovies, what you will; and dig in with knife and fork. Also, you can cut up the grilled head before you put it on a plate, but it's fun to dive into the whole thing.

Later summer vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, tomatillos, and husk cherries are coming along well. Below you can see a picture of a Brandywine tomato the size of my fist.

We have a lot of edible flowers coming into bloom right now, too! This week we will bring to market calendula, dianthus, lavender, and violas. Soon we will have cornflowers, nasturtiums, and salvia, too. Edible flowers are fun and tasty. The simplest thing to do with them, and one we love to do often, is scatter the petals over salad. Check it out below:

New things at market this week include summer squash and zucchini, french breakfast and round radishes, and some purple daikon.

See you at market!