Spring Rush

We're squeaking in a little late this week on our farm updates - it's been a busy week. We have done a ton of transplanting this week - onions, shallots, leeks, scallions, and tomatoes (into a couple of our unheated hoophouses. Though we cleared a lot of space out in the propagation greenhouse by doing all that transplanting, we filled it all back up again with more late spring greens and summer cucurbits (cucumbers, summer squash, melons, watermelons).

We are picking up our piglets tomorrow and we'll be sure to post some pictures on the website, Instagram, and Facebook. 

We will be at Crystal Spring Farmers' Market Saturday from 8:30-12:30. We will not be at the Brunswick Farmers' Market tomorrow from 8-2, but we will be attending that market starting next Tuesday, May 19th. 

We will be bringing seedlings to the market for the next few weeks - we have all kinds of veggies from lettuce and kale to herbs, and in a few weeks, tomatoes, peppers, and other summer-loving crops. You can see some examples in the pictures below.

See you Saturday!