Will it-Won't it?

Second week of spring - there's less snow around, although we still have plenty out in our fields. We are just hoping the warming continues at a relatively smooth pace so we are not swimming in mud. 

We have filled up the heated space in our greenhouse with starts already, so we have to move back our plastic partition and increase the space we are heating. This week we have a lot of seeding on the docket, so it won't be long before we fill up that new space, too!

The spinach we planted last fall and have been harvesting the past couple of weeks keeps on giving! Although we plant the spinach in an unheated hoophouse and under a floating row cover, it still goes dormant in the winter because there is not enough heat or daylight for it to grow. It's a balancing act to keep the spinach coming in the hoophouse in the spring. We open the houses and uncover the spinach on sunny days, otherwise it would bake. On nights like tonight (17 degrees!) we cover it back up and close the hoophouse. And don't forget about monitoring the relative humidity of the soil and air around the spinach plants - too much and they may succumb to a fungal disease that relishes a warmer, moist environment. 

All that care and effort makes that spring spinach taste that much better. We'll be bringing it to market Friday and Saturday. Enjoy!

Got to love the color-clashing spinach and tote!

Got to love the color-clashing spinach and tote!