Greens and Winter Recipes

On Thursday, we harvested the last of our greens for 2015! Salad mix, spinach, and flat and curly parsley will be available Friday at the Midcoast Winter Farmers' Market in Topsham (1-5) and Saturday at the Brunswick Winter Market (9-12:30). 

It took some time to wash - there were mountains of salad mix! The salad mix is from Salanova - a variety of lettuce grown as heads but bred to be cut apart into salad-sized leaves. We cut the heads to harvest, so once we cut them, they're done. Spinach, we pick by leaf from around the crown of the plant. We leave the crown of the plant in the ground and protect it with row cover, so once we start to get daylight lengths more than 10 hours in February, and daytime temperatures under the row cover (inside the hoophouse) of about 40 F, the plants will start to grow again.

Daylight will start to increase again Monday, December 21 - not long now!

The last of the parsley was out in the field, protected by just two layers of row cover. If we had had snow this fall, we probably wouldn't have parsley now because it would have been flattened. As you can see, however, this parsley did fairly well under the row cover. Each clump is about 8" wide.

We will have pork available in 2016 - we are getting it back from the butcher this Saturday!

Ben made a delicious stuffed squash recipe for lunch yesterday. We have posted it here on the website. It uses frozen roasted peppers, which we have available at the market in 3 varieties - Carmen (super sweet), Krimzon Lee (sweet and medium hot), and Ancho (medium hot - classic chile relleno).

See you at market!