Days of Greens and Roots

Oh yes, and onions and squash and brussels sprouts. For the most part, though, we are only harvesting greens right now.


Below, you can see Logan, one of our awesome employees, washing arugula, spicy greens (mustard), and spinach in the wash station. We have harvested all of our storage and root crops except for a partial bed of parsnips and a few beds of leeks. Both crops hold well in the field and they just get sweeter with the cold.


We have had a couple of infrastructure projects this week. As I mentioned last week, we pulled all of the caterpillar materials out of their 2014-2015 locations. This week, we have been installing them in their 2016 locations. We are pounding ground posts, putting up bows, and fastening the bows together with a ridge pole (see above). Without the plastic on it to act as a sail, the structure is quite strong and will have no problem riding out the winter.

Also, Ben's brother Dan is here for a stay, and found himself digging into our other project of the week: getting our greenhouse ready for a new propane tank and heater to be installed. Dan's part involved digging a trench across the driveway - he seriously earned his veggies today. Below you can see Ben jumping in to lend a hand.

We will see you all at the Midcoast Winter Farmers' Market tomorrow from 1-5 pm, but we will not be attending the Brunswick Farmers' Market tomorrow (on the Mall from 8-2) due to cold, wet forecast and being short some help. 

We will be attending the Brunswick Winter Market at Fort Andross on Saturday, from 9-12:30. 

And of course we will have a bevy of greens, herbs, onions, squash, and root veggies to go along with all that turkey we will all be eating next week.

See you there!