Not live caterpillars - caterpillar tunnels!

Clean up is continuing pretty rapidly this week. It always feels really productive when you move a whole bunch of stuff from point A to point B. This week we have been focusing on taking up the drip irrigation, black plastic mulch, and landscape fabric we use with crops that need extra heat and water (like tomatoes and squash). We also got the plastic off all of our caterpillar tunnels - those are unheated hoophouses that are (relatively) easy to move - where we grow tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, etc. Below you can see some pictures of the caterpillars in various stages of plastic removal.

After we undo the wiggle wire that holds the plastic to the frame on one end, we have to be quick and get the other end right away. Otherwise, we have a giant sail (you can see it starting to blow around in the photo above). In the photo below, Ben is undoing the wiggle wire on the side of the end bow, and Willie is undoing the top (you might need a magnifying glass to see him). Then, in the last photo, you can see we got the first piece of plastic neatly off. Yay! It was only a little windy, so we were pretty lucky with all the pieces of plastic. 

Next on the list is taking up the deer fence (at this point in the season they just jump over or crawl right through it), and then moving the frames of the caterpillar tunnels to their 2016 locations. We will take the frames apart piece by piece, using the tractor and truck to help, and then we will pound the ground posts into their new location, pop in the bows, and stabilize them with the ridgeline pipe. Yes, it's that easy, haha! I will take some pictures for you next week.

See you at market (Today: Brunswick, 8-2; Topsham 1-5; Tomorrow: Fort Andross, Brunswick, 9-12:30)!