Now comes the hard frost!

Sunday night is supposed to get down to 25 degrees here! Whenever the temperature drops below 28 F for at least a few hours during the night, that is know as a hard frost. Not many leafy plants survive a hard frost well. This week we have been harvesting storage crops like kohlrabi and cabbage, that will take a lot of damage if left in the field during the frost.

We will also, over the next couple of days, cover all of our winter greens with row cover to protect them from the frost. Row cover can provide as much as 5 degrees additional heat underneath it, which can really make the difference for some of our young lettuces and mustards. With adequate frost protection, we can keep harvesting those greens pretty much all fall!

Excuse the slight blurriness - Ben was waving the cardoon at me! This week we will be bringing to market brussels sprouts and cardoon! Cardoon is also know as stalk artichoke - an artichoke bred for big, thick stalks. We will bring recipes and preparation instructions to market with us. Cardoon needs to be cooked in acidulated water before being used in recipes, but it's so worth it. Cardi fritti, cardoon gratin, mmm! I will get the recipes up here on the website as soon as I can as well.

See you at market!